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Welcome to the School of Intuitive Insight


The School of Intuitive Insight offers intuitive readings, spiritual healings, clairvoyant training, as well as meditation classes and workshops for spiritual and personal growth. Through our classes and services, you’ll gain insights into your deeper self and learn psychic tools to help you navigate life situations with more consciousness and ease.


Please check our Services or Classes page for further information on our offerings.


Grounding Our Fears


We are constantly being led by fear in the media: economic news, terrorists, swine flu. This fear can control your thoughts, affect your decisions, paralyze your actions.  You need to release this fear to get on with your life.


How? Create a grounding cord by imagining a line of energy from the base of your spine to the center of the planet. Visualize the energy as anything you like, such as a tree trunk, waterfall, or beam of light. Let the fear become heavier than you, and let it fall down the grounding cord. To learn more about grounding, what it can do, and what you can ground (like your car or a project), contact us.  



Read about our intuitive readings and spiritual healing services here.

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The School of Intuitive Insight
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