Oct 30
Grounding Our Fears

We are constantly being led by fear in the media: economic news, terrorists, environmental issues. This fear can control your thoughts, affect your decisions, and paralyze your actions. You need to release this fear to get on with your life.

How? Create a grounding cord by imagining a line of energy from the base of your spine to the center of the planet. Visualize the energy as anything you like, such as a tree trunk, waterfall, or beam of light. Let the fear become heavier than you, and let it fall down the grounding cord.

To learn more about grounding, what it can do, and what you can ground (like your car or a project), take a meditation class or workshop.

Jul 31
10 Signs You Need to Meditate

1. Are you feeling tired and exhausted?

Many times your body feels tired because you are carrying so much energy that isn’t yours. After meditation, you have your energy back and catch your second wind.

2. Are you noticing body aches and pains?

You have a headache, stomach ache, back pain, or shoulder pain. A headache can be someone’s energy stuck in your head. A stomach ache can often be energy in your second chakra, your emotional center. Back pain in your lower back is often punishment energy from yourself or others. Tense, painful shoulders could mean that you’re taking responsibility for someone else’s problems. You can clear the pain by releasing these energies and bringing back your own energy from other people.

3. Have you lost your focus?

Meditation can bring back your focus by bringing back your own energy that you’ve left with other people, projects, or places.

4. Are you feeling spacey?

This is the result of not having enough of your own energy to “fuel” actions. Being spacey is also a sign that you-spirit are outside of your body. Meditation brings your spirit back into your body, so you can feel more grounded and present.

5. Have you been in a panic recently?

Panic can often be caused by someone else’s fear, your first chakra being stuck wide open, or you may be responding to danger from a past event that has been stuck in your energy field.

6. Are you wondering what happened to your passion?

Lack of passion can be caused by an energy leak, which means you don’t have enough of your own energy to work with. Or your energy is so buried under other people’s energy that you can’t access it.

7. Are you feeling overly emotional?

You feel emotions that are either inappropriate to the situation or over the top. If an emotion (for example, fear or anger) is not controllable by you, it is not yours. Meditation can help remove someone else’s energy from your space.

8. Have you gone over the edge recently?

Your children send you over the edge. This is related to #7. When you were a child, you absorbed your parents’ energy. Then when your child does something similar to what you did as a child, your parents’ energy (anger, fear, etc) comes pouring out at them.

9. Is it hard to keep the house clean and organised? 

You cannot keep your house clean or clutter-free. You are so full of other energies that you feel overwhelmed. You can use meditation to release energies that are not yours, then keep the house clean from that space.

10. Do you keep putting things off?

You can’t get to or finish your to-do list. Similar to #9, the reason can be because there is a lot of energy attached to the outcome. For example: you cannot finish your resume to search for a better job. In meditation, you can drain the energy off the outcome in order to release your resistance to the task.

To deal with these problems, meditate, release the energy blocking you, and bring back your energy to your body. If your energy isn’t in your body, you cannot use it.


To learn how to do this, register for a meditation class.

Apr 30
What to expect from a spiritual healing

Spiritual communication can transform your body, emotions, your living space or your business. Receive a healing for your body, aura, or chakras to clear your personal space. Clear blocked energy in your living space for ease in sleeping and a tranquil atmosphere. This is especially needed if you are moving into a previously occupied space or if you want to sell your house. A business healing can boost your profits and foster a congenial relationship with staff and clients.

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Jan 30
What is an Intuitive Reading?

An intuitive reading is a spirit-to-spirit communication between the reader and you. The reading will also facilitate communication between you, spirit, and body. You can receive information about your relationships, family, finances, creativity, spirit guides, past lives, baby spirits, next steps, or any other topic you would like to explore.

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