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​​​​Services are by appointment, either in-person or over the phone. Please contact Ginna at 206-715-7330.

Weekly Readings by Clairvoyant Students “Readees” Needed!
Be a part of our clairvoyant training process to experience a great reading and how the clairvoyants learn to read! Led by the School Director. 
60 minutes     $30

Healing Clinics — In Person Only

Have your aura cleansed, chakras balanced and energy channels cleared with a short healing.

15 minutes     $5

Healing Package

Intensive healing through readings and healings focusing on areas of your life you want to change, habits you want to break, and roadblocks you wish to remove from your path to happiness.
Six 60 minute sessions     $600

Private Session - Clairvoyant Reading or Healing
Focus on areas of your life you would like to change, habits you would like to break, and roadblocks to remove from your path to happiness.
30-60 minutes     $60-120

Animal Communicator  

Let your animals tell me what is going on with them. What is the energy behind their behavior and/or health issues?

15 minutes    $30

Home or Business Clearing
Do you need a house or business energy clearing? If you are moving into a new place or trying to sell your house - yes! If you are uncomfortable where you are living or feel others' energy, a house healing would be very helpful. A business healing can boost your profits, clear communication, and foster congenial relationships with staff and clients.
60 minutes     $170

I check email once daily Monday-Friday. If you have a time sensitive issue or need an appointment please give me a call at 206-715-7330.