"For many years, I've had the opportunity to see Ginna in person in Seattle for hands-on healings and readings. However, several years ago, the traffic between Seattle and Olympia became more than what I wanted to deal with, and so my relationship with Ginna changed to mostly over the phone readings, and long-distance healings. While a long-distance healing will never totally replace the in-person experience, for me it was every bit as effective in dealing with issues with my body—whether it was removing excess energy that I no longer needed, or wasn't mine—to helping me achieve a sense of peace and ease. And even though, I could feel the impact of the healings, sometimes as it was happening, other times more slowly over time, I also appreciated the follow up by either phone or e-mail.


So, while I'm sure many of us are wanting to schedule a journey to Whidbey Island, with the added bonus of seeing Ginna in person, I wanted to be sure you all knew what an effective healer Ginna is either long-distance or in-person. I, for one, am so grateful for her help over the years, and while I look forward to seeing her again in person, I'm also asking for long-distance healings when I need them."

Gail, Olympia, WA

​"Loved...loved...loved the session...I definitely experienced a strong shift."

John, Seattle, WA


"Ginna has cleared the energy several times in my business and taught me techniques I can use myself. I recommend a Business Healing to help any business stay on track, so you can lighten up, enjoy, and prosper."

Cynthia, Seattle, WA


"It’s been wonderful meditating with you, continuing the exploration of mind and spirit. Thank you so much for your wise instruction and guidance. I greatly value all I’ve learned from you and will undoubtedly use these meditation techniques throughout my life.”

Venetia, Seattle, WA


“Ginna Lee is amazingly gifted. I have had the pleasure of receiving extremely candid and accurate, as well as validating readings/healings from Ginna for many years. The information that she shares not only enables one to hear and understand the answers that are being searched for, but also offers guidance toward the next step towards spiritual growth and awareness. The classes that Ginna offers are really fun and easy to apply at every step of the journey. Ginna also does the very best 'hands-on' healings ever…my daughters can attest to that!”

Kim, San Diego, CA


“Thank you for the healing, love, and kind words…you helped me tremendously!”

Amy, Seattle, WA


"Before taking classes, I suffered from massage burnout. I thought I would never massage again. Today my passion for massage is beyond words. My clientele base is growing. Every massage is a spiritual journey – not just another hour of massage. I connect deeply with complete strangers. By the time the massage is over, it’s like we were long-time friends. They always return and talk about me to friends and family.


What I’ve learned from these healing classes I apply to the rest of my life outside my practice, and things seem to fall into place. Where I was once asleep, I have now awakened to more meaningful existence. This really attracts people to me. Very kind people always approach me and share something I needed to learn at that time. It’s amazing. I am so in touch and connected, I can 'feel' where people are heading on the highway – it’s easier to drive, even.”

Christl, Seattle, WA


"I met Ginna when I first attended her meditation classes 8 years ago. I went so I could learn to release any blocks or energy that were getting in the way of the things I really wanted in life. Then I saw her for a personal session - loved it and still receive them to this day! She always comes from a place of compassion and amusement even on my worst days.


Ginna is not only a skilled intuitive, but she is a gifted teacher who will help you to develop your own intuition. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Ginna. She was able to validate many things that helped me realize who I truly am which enabled me to start helping others on their spiritual journey.”

Lilly, Seattle, WA


"Yes, I would recommend Ginna. Her classes are  incredible, in that the classes teach you how to use your  energy, clear energy and how to use your clairvoyant skills in such a way that it benefits you.


For myself...I have always been clairvoyant and wanted to  learn more about my clairvoyant skills. My main goal was to  be able to take on my skills and not have it drain me. My natural inclination was to try to turn "it" off because I did not want to to see-think-know what I was being given at that time. I wanted to understand this gift and how to  "control" the thoughts, messages and pictures I would get at random times.


As a young child this would scare me...If I thought it then it would happen...as an adult, I recognized this was not so, my making it happen. I was still trying to figure out why I was given this gift and how I can use this to the best  good.


Most of the time I had fear of looking at my gift and I was very apathetic. Ginna taught me how to use my clairvoyant/healing skills to my highest good and how to protect myself from energy drain and taking on energy. As well, she taught me me how to best utilize all my clairvoyant skills in a way that I am no longer trying to turn off messages but look deeper to the message and understand the deeper meaning of the message if I choose to.


My growth - I have always had people wanting me to give my "impression" of what I know for them...or help them or heal them...or what I think may happen. I now can choose how to use my skills, learned boundaries, heal without giving away my energy and read with confidence and without fear. I read energy and receive messages with greater clarity. I am constantly growing in an insightful manner and Ginna has been very supportive in my growth and path. She has been there to answer all my questions and is very enthusiastic through it all. I now have people seek me out to do readings for them. When I get messages without purposefully reading or intentional looking for a message, I can now appreciate why I am getting a message and what to do with it.


I can write a book on the benefit for me - I will spare you. In short, I am a "softer" person. I have a calming effect on people and the energy around me. I am very pleased with the changes and growth I have been through and continue to go through.


I have taken all of Ginna's classes, workshops and currently work with her on clairvoyant trainings for teaching. I belong to the clairvoyant grad class. I have completed the entire healing program. I continue to be open to receiving more information and taking my skills to a higher level to enrich myself. Ginna has put together the scattered puzzle of my gift and helped me understand my path."

Viona, Seattle, WA

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